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Frequently asked

Are handtied extensions damaging?

Handtied extensions (when put in correctly) can be the least damaging! Other types of extensions have gotten a bad rap over time for causing bald spots or hair loss because of the amount of pressure they can put on your natural root. Some benefits of handtied hair extensions over others: Minimal tension (when inserted correctly). They require no heat or glues to be installed. Hand tied extensions can be put in all hair types!

what are toners/ gloss?

Essentially, a toner/ gloss is a hair color product that contains low or no ammonia, that gently alters the undertone of the hair. These formulas are also defined as demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair color. They wash out of the hair after 4-6 weeks. They are used to cancel out unwanted tones in the hair such as yellows and orange.

is lightener going to damage my hair?

The answer is Yes, but in varying degrees of intensity. “Coloring hair will always cause damage; unless it’s a gloss.” Beyond doubt, lightener does damage hair, especially when the whole process is done wrongly or in excess. That being said; an experienced colorist can bypass damages during lightening services by using the right technique, bonder, and level of developer.

why is my color fading?

  • Shampooing too often after coloring
  • Cleaning with shampoos that strip hair color (non professional shampoos and conditioners)
  • Using hot styling tools without heat protection
  • Washing colored hair with hard water

im growing out a pixie cut, can i get handtied extensions?

For blending reasons, handtied extensions are made for people with at least shoulder length hair. We recommend looking into other types of extensions until ALL of your hair has reached shoulder length. 

how often should i wash my hair?

In general, we recommend washing your hair every two to three days . This helps avoid stripping your hair with chemicals and gives your mane time to recover between washings by replenishing your natural oils.


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